Monday, March 15, 2010


Even his foot is cute...come on now...admit it. I can see why he wants to put his foot in his mouth..i will try my hardest not to put it in my mouth. Those toes are just too irresistible though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well rounded

I love drinking wine... in a restauran wt....hile eating delicious food with delicious company.
This is exactly what i did tonight.
The taste of red wine when it is that perfect temperature, warming your mouth slightly, and it just slides right down, leaving behind a perfect spiciness and voluptuousness making you want to just make that moment last for ages. Yes, this was my night and it went all too quickly.
The food was great, but for some reason the wine was just, well, perfect. I could have sat there drinking it for ages. I'm sure it helped that i ate many bruschetta topped with everything from Tapenade, to spicy white beans and luxurious artichoke and tuna. Then a salad of candied walnuts, creamy blue cheese and earthy yet spicy red, red beets. If this sounds too good to be true well let me tell you about the main course....a spicy tomato fusilli with pancetta and tiger shrimp. Mmmmmm, yeah, i know. Really there is no need to say more except that we had the tiramisu. Maybe the caffeine in that has allowed me to type this because all that wine surely, well probably, most definitely didn't help. A fuzzy head and a full stomach tells me that this night was an excellent night out with the hubby. Excellent, excellent, yes, and did i mention excellent.