Friday, October 28, 2011

Have a Spooky weekend!

This cutie is going to be a dinosaur this weekend (or a bumble bee or shark) depending on mood, of course.
Since turning two his M.O. seems to be all about exerting his independence...i thought i had learned to let go, a lot. Turns out i need to learn to let the little things go and figure out what is really worth fighting for. Unfortunately for him, pants are a non-negotiable, when we're going out in public anyway.
Who knew putting on a pair of jeans could be so drama filled.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taste Away

 I like chocolate and so should you, especially chocolate that is carefully crafted and hand wrapped.  These guys know what to do with a good cocoa bean. Don't be afraid of the price, it's worth it. You should buy some...or else, well i'm not really sure, but it sounds serious! Just buy it...

Friday, October 14, 2011

In sync, out of sync?

Having just read about productivity via another blog, i thought i would put my two cents in on the subject that so many people are quite obsessed with. I'm sure i could write page after page bitching about how much time people spend texting and reading facebook instead of doing their work so i will keep it short, because you have to get back to being productive right? It seems everything these days is designed to increase our productivity. We have our phones with calendars that sync with our email that sync with our laptops that sync with, well, who knows what.  You would think with all this sync-ing that people would be sitting back having a drink, enjoying this free time and then becoming incredibly afraid that electronics have taken over their entire life. Is this the same as when tv dinners were the new amazing way that a housewife could escape cooking?  Most of us are pretty aware that these meals in a tray may be faster and easier, but they taste like the package they are cooked in and are pretty much as healthy as the cardboard box, at least the latter might have fiber. If this is a surprise to you, i invite you to read the ingredients of your "Salisbury steak in gravy", let me know if you recognize any of those ingredients.
All this stuff that is supposed to make us productive is  actually decreasing our productivity! One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone lists off all the things that they did in the day and then proceeds to tell me they didn't have time to take a lunch, and then complains about it. Come schedule everything else, and if it actually comes down to you needing to schedule a lunch with yourself, i think you need to get a new job or a new life. Usually i find myself equating productivity with priorities. Think about what you really want to do in your day and make it a goal to do that. If you don't get around to doing something just say, yeah, i took a nap instead or went on the internet to research these awesome shoes i desperately wanted. Naps are good, it's ok to want to take a are not a bad person for taking one! And so are shoes, but naps have actually been shown to increase productivity. Seriously, save your money, don't buy the most technologically advanced toy and take a free siesta. So maybe it's not that i'm against increasing productivity, just don't make excuses and don't let these gadgets turn your life in to something you don't recognize. Live in the world, not behind your screens!

  Now, when my iphone can sync with my brain while it is sleeping and record my dreams and interpret their meaning so i don't have to pay money to a therapist, excellent, i'll contemplate buying that.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Like a kid

Yesterday morning we walked to the park with our pajamas on. It was early and I still had my coffee mug in hand, his hand in my other hand. It was spontaneous and fun. The best times are had when you had no prior intentions, expectations or apprehensions. They look at us as their role models...i think it's time we look to them.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I seriously love October! Here are just a few ways we have been enjoying the weather...
Going on walks and stomping in the leaves
Eating delicious fall apples
Hanging out with friends
 Still a bit of summer left

 mmmm....bun and isles

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fantasy Celebrity League wk 1

Here are the scores from last week. Some people are clearly better celeb drafters than others...i vote for some free agent celeb pics!
Aubrey 23
Katie 10
Melissa 8
Ashley 7
Erin 5
Kerry 3

Monday, October 3, 2011

A longing for Gourmet

I was throwing out some of my old magazines this weekend and among the ancient Martha Stewarts and Cookie magazines, i found some of my old dusty issues of Gourmet. Initially i was disappointed when it folded a year or so ago but as i was paging through it's glossy pages, i really began to mourn it's loss! The textures and colors of the recipes brought to life through it's gorgeous photographs made me want to continue reading and eating what i saw before my teary eyes. I miss Ruth Reichl's commentary about the intersection of life and food. I have her books but i can only read and re-read those so many times. I know you're just going to tell me to go on-line and read the new issues but that's not enough for me. I want to feel the weight of the pages and pages of recipes and ingredients in my hand. I have no desire for a kindle, i prefer to actually accumulate and read actual bound books. Maybe i'm behind the times and old fashioned. The internet has it's place and i love it but it's not enough, i want my Gourmet waiting for me once a month in my actual, real life mailbox!