Monday, November 30, 2009

A new diet fad

This post may infuriate most but i'm hoping that it may inspire a few also. So i have lost all the weight that i gained during pregnancy...and then some. Granted, i only gained maybe the minimum amount but still people i have lost it all!!! I guess when your diet consists of mint m&m's and a little caffeine, the pounds just melt off! I suppose it could be that small growing person i gave birth to who gets all of his calories from me could have something to do with. Oh and i'm eating some normal food once in a while too.
I have a devised a weight loss formula for you:
M&M's + coffee + carrying small child around because they won't sleep in their bassinet + milking - lounging around doing nothing + forgetting when the last time you ate = every man's dream - the fact that you just HAD A BABY = that image staying in his dreams.
Let me know how it works out! It will be sweeping the nation soon i'm sure. You can thank me later.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four weeks

I thought that i should update you on motherhood thus far.....

.....have not slept for longer than 3 hours at a time

.....more laundry has been done in the last month than at any other point in my life..ever

...a life sustaining substance is continually either being sucked from me, drip drip dripping all over my newly washed shirt and pants or spraying across the room and hitting the dog in the ear

....pee has sprayed from a small boy's parts from the changing table across the room and in my shoe, a good 5 feet away

....i bought a flip cam (hooray!) to document my son's critical life moments or just me being ridiculous on a day to day basis (what else?!)

...i am now well aware of all the latest gossip and Hollywood happenings (thank you Wendy Williams!)

....i wouldn't trade my life right now for anything...wait did someone say seaside pool?? Done!

no no...just kidding..maybe..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting aquainted with the natives

The pug seems interested....the baby...not so much. Eventually i'm sure he'll start to wonder who that strange furry creature with the curly tail and funny flat face is doing in his house.
This week we had lovely visits from both sides of the family...i'm especially sad that everyone lives so far away.
I was happy though, to find this!