Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A memorable bite

When you travel, what memories do you bring home with you? Do you remember the famous museum, park or sculpture you visited? When it comes to my memories i usually bring home the memory of taste. Sometimes it is the simplest way to remember a moment.
This croissant was the most delicious croissant that has ever grazed my lips. It's flakiness scattering across the table while i attempted to not eat it as quickly as possible because it was so utterly out of this world! This delicious flaky cloud of butter, ham and cheese comes from Tartine, a wonderful little bakery in San Francisco that is filled with tempting treats. Their mocha's are also so extraordinary that you will ever wonder how you will go back to your local coffee shop and not be disappointed for the rest of your life. A small price to pay for a lifetime of delicious memories...a very small price my friends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Away...for more than a day!

I'm headed down to Evanston, IL for my awesome friend Tara's wedding this weekend! Unfortunately i'm not headed there in style driving this vintage bug. It will be a good time nonetheless. See you all next week!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh, Mr. Golden Sun

Do you remember the feeling you had the night before your birthday or Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Claus? I used to lay in my unicorn clad bed barely able to keep my eyes closed, smiling just a little to myself and wondering how i would ever make it through the next eight hours of darkness.
Waiting for Spring is like waiting for Santa Claus, especially if you live in the midwest, where 6 months out of the year the view from your window looks like a snow globe. Right around this time i start to get antsy, i crave sun, i just want to be able to wear my sandals and not have my toes freeze off! A few warm days are bliss but they are only a tease because you know that cold, wind and snow are lurking just around those March corners. The anticipation of being able to walk out of my house and have my pale toes touching the cement is just too great. Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun won't please come out and play!

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's about time

I was very pleased to read this article from the New York Times the other day. Obviously the sad efforts of politicians past has done nothing to impact or encourage positive nutritional habits of our nation because we're still FAT! I'm hoping that because Michelle Obama is not linked with the food industry, she brings a more everyday American parent of two children view point that more people might be able to relate to. Yes, she has a personal chef but she eats real food and still has to deal with her children having picky eating habits. The most important impact that hopefully will inspire others is her belief in everything in moderation. Isn't moderation really the key in every aspect of life? Think about it.....

*photo credit New York Times

Friday, March 6, 2009

What's a guilty food lover to do?

I love food. It's as simple as that. I think about what i will be eating for my next meal even before i'm finished with the one i'm currently devouring. I talk about food, i think about food, i drool over pictures of food and most importantly i eat a lot of food.
I have always had a fascination and appreciation for food thanks to my family growing up. My mother was never a gourmet cook, slaving over the stove to cook us coq au vin every night or anything, but she was a better than average consistent cook. I do remember eating a lot of corn niblets and canned green beans, but most other dishes were edible. What i remember even more so than my mother's cooking is my grandmother's (Gaca) cooking. She was always in the kitchen, either at the stove or washing dishes. There was a pot rack that hung over the sink. It sat above the window, that looked out on to their patio where the yellow checkered deck furniture sat waiting for a nice day to be used, i was always very fond of that furniture. The pot rack was always my favorite though, it gave the kitchen a broken in cozy feel. Like it was saying "come on in and cook with us" and that is exactly how i felt in my grandparents house. Now, I didn't actually cook, but i definitely ate. I ate creamed chip beef on toast, hot dogs (with ketchup from a special dispenser, sooo cool), macaroni and cheese, beef tenderloin and Papa's ribs from the grill. He cooked everything from the grill, they both knew their place when it came to cooking and both did very well in their respected areas. I loved these meals cooked at home but what i loved even more were meals that were cooked somewhere else, like a restaurant! Restaurant's were exciting places, you could choose your dinner yourself. We would go to the country club to have a steak, or get seafood take out and eat the most giant fried shrimp. We'd carry out Chinese food from this restaurant that to this day i haven't found a substitute for. We would eat moo shu pork, governor's beef and cashew chicken to our heart's content. It was all very exciting.
If you were to ask me now, this second, whether i prefer eating at home or eating out, i would be hard pressed to give you an answer because i struggle with feelings of guilt that surround both choices. I like cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, but food tastes exponentially better when someone else prepares it for you. You get a nice meal and you don't think about how it took an hour to peel the brussell sprouts that just took two seconds to ingest. Yes, the people on TV make it look like a breeze, well let me just say that there is no such thing as a gourmet 30 minute meal (sorry Rachael Ray). So, since my husband does not cook, i am left with very few options when i don't have dinner planned. In today's world people are spending less and trying to cook at home with increasing consistency, which i think is great, but i don't think that i should have to explain myself when i want to get food from outside my house. I believe in supporting local businesses and if we don't go out, these businesses will fail. According to my husband, you should only be eating out twice a week, at "actual" restaurants, apparently this does not include sandwich shops etc. I personally don't see the difference, the small stuff adds up and i would rather be supporting the local independent restaurant that uses local food, than give my five dollars to the national chain next door. So what is a food lover to do during these difficult times? There is just so much good food that needs to be eaten and there are only so many hours in a day. How do you deal with this quandary or is it just me? Please let me know that i am not the only one that carries the weight of the food world on my shoulders.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What are your secret food habits?

You know you do it. You eat differently by yourself than with someone else. So, my question to you is, what do you eat when you are all alone??
Do you eat peanut butter out of the jar with your finger? Or do you eat a bowl of cereal for dinner followed by some beers and pickles straight from the jar?
Whatever it is, it's fun to eat random sometimes!
Sometimes i'll make cookie dough and eat enough dough that i don't even want to eat any of the baked cookies, but i still have to try one (just to make sure they are edible after all). Although i love to eat real meals, it's nice not to plan and just eat whatever catches your eye from the pantry, fridge or freezer. Oh and one of my all time favorite weird combos... m&m's and tomato juice. Try it, salty and sweet always is tough to beat!

My favorite accessory

Think about when you were a kid, what were some of your favorite things? You probably had special jewelery (umm, snap bracelets!), special outfits that you wore over and over, and crazy cool shoes that you couldn't wait to show off to people at school.
I had all these things, including this wig, that i wore for the first time when i was a rock star for Halloween in second grade. My outfit consisted of rock star tights (i believe they were purple), black cowboy boots (i got them at Wal-mart and proceeded to wear them everywhere after the fact), a short tight pleather skirt and i believe that my top was also pleather (so cool!). Of course i had the gloves with the fingers cut out and the sunglasses. The sunglasses that i wore then are actually considered cool again thanks to a now famous designer. Who knew i was such a style icon??!
Of course things have changed, my dreams are not to become a rock star (well ok, yes they are!), i don't wear pleather skirts (most of the time) and my dog now wears the wig i was so fond of. Well, maybe sometimes i secretly wear it around the house...shhhhhhh....
It's funny how things from your childhood appear and manage to keep hanging on despite moves, marriage and dogs. Maybe today you can find something in your house that takes you back and makes you laugh, a little or a lot!