Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out and about

Oh fall....i totally love you but sometimes i am not ready to let you hypnotize me with your crackly leaves, then i really must accept that summer is gone and winter is not far off in the distance.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



The other day i wanted to see if Jude could eat a banana properly, and by properly i mean one bite at a time. Although i'm not really sure how people normally eat banana's because i have a hatred of them, i think the texture is repulsive. I can eat banana cake however, if you know, you decide you want to bake me one.

I guess i should not have been shocked when i handed him half a banana and he shoveled the whole thing in his mouth.
Dude! Slow down, we have more now that we gave our monkey back to the zoo.

I must say it is nice to have someone eating with such gusto and enthusiasm. And, i also have a breakfast, lunch and dinner eating companion. It gets lonely eating by yourself all the time and usually the husband is tired when we sit down to dinner, so conversation is sparce at times. Although, he does seem to have enough focus to read magazines and the paper while we are eating...hmmmm maybe we should just start reading articles out loud in place of real conversation. Doesn't that sound fun Jude??!

I am very hopeful however, that through slow and steady mind manipulation he will be my little culinarian and then proceed to talk about food with me all day long, oh and then we will talk about the food we made while we consume our delicious feast.
We will go to the cheese shop and taste all the delicious imported cheese, he will then ask me if we should get some quince jam to go along with the Mancego we just purchased. I will of course say, absolutely, yes! Then off to the bakery to buy our bread for the day and finally to Whole foods because he will like looking at the rainbow of color in the produce section. Ahhhh, i can see it now.....

Hey, a girl can dream, right?
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

black and white weekend

I love black and white photographs. Maybe because i'm used to seeing everything in color. I guess i just like the elegance and simplicity they seem to portray.
Cheers to an elegant and simple labor day!