Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, Beau

Hello, world. My name is Jude and it's a good thing i am so unbelievably cute. My mommy is trying to stop breastfeeding me but i have other plans. As long as i can continue to wake up multiple times at night and refuse to go back to sleep until I get what i want, well, i've pretty much got it made.
Yes, mother, i will forever be attached to you...whether you like it or not.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yellow gloves

Tonight i was wandering about amongst the aisles at Target (yes that's right, wandering, i had no child with me, i am allowed to wander aimlessly) when in the middle of the cracker aisle i see them.

Yellow gloves!!! You know, the kind people use when they are really serious about cleaning. Gloves that i have never owned because, well, when have i ever been really serious about cleaning?? Waste of money in my opinion....
These were not yellow gloves in a package but yellow gloves being worn by a woman who looked like maybe she shouldn't yet have been released from the institution. She was examining a box of Keebler cookies as i passed by, and i was trying not to stare at the blazing brightness of her yellow rubber hands while i tried to figure out what exactly was going on.
I know, i know....i'm so mean and just so quick to put people who are concerned with germs in to the loony category. But, come on! Isn't that why they make hand sanitizer??? I guess i should be one to talk and she should probably be afraid to touch anything that i touched seeing my child has hand, foot and mouth disease.
Don't worry though, lady, at least i didn't bring him and his infected saliva with me.