Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day of lounging and baking

Today i managed to really accomplish nothing. I lay in my bed with my dogs and read this book. Then i proceeded to make delicious donut-like confections bathed in butter then showered with cinnamon and sugar, from the previously mentioned book. Of course i then ate many of these donut morsels and let me tell you, they are delicious. Not like, oh yes they are good, more like, oh my god must eat more immediately good. I must say all in all, a day well spent. I really don't feel an ounce of guilt because soon i will have not even one second of time to meander about and do nothing. This will become one of those days that soon i will long to experience and day dream about obsessively while trying to simultaneously calm a small child and make myself look like a normal functioning human being.

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