Sunday, January 2, 2011

All my houses

This year, my favorite Christmas present was the present i gave to myself. I walked in to Williams Sonoma Christmas eve day and bought myself a shiny new espresso machine. It really is a beautiful machine, it's this one here. The really nice sales woman told me how great this machine was, gave me all the info that i ever wanted to know and more and then, then she told me that people like them so much that they buy one for all their houses.
Excuse me?? what did you just say??! oh yes right, all of their houses...of course, how silly of me to not understand, that was the first thought that popped in to my head, obviously i will need to get one for my second home and let's make it on the ocean, as long as we're playing that game...ahhhh hahahaha yeah right!
When she said this to me so matter of factly, i just kept nodding right along with her, it was as if she had just said, "so you see this button here? This is what you press to turn it on"...yes, just as natural as that. I almost made a snide remark about the multiple houses but then i figured it best that she just assume we were people with multiple homes. Never mind that the only reason i am buying this one (yes, only one!) machine is because i received a bit of money for christmas, and even then it really was a bit of a splurge.
But i deserve nice things once in a while, right?

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