Monday, October 3, 2011

A longing for Gourmet

I was throwing out some of my old magazines this weekend and among the ancient Martha Stewarts and Cookie magazines, i found some of my old dusty issues of Gourmet. Initially i was disappointed when it folded a year or so ago but as i was paging through it's glossy pages, i really began to mourn it's loss! The textures and colors of the recipes brought to life through it's gorgeous photographs made me want to continue reading and eating what i saw before my teary eyes. I miss Ruth Reichl's commentary about the intersection of life and food. I have her books but i can only read and re-read those so many times. I know you're just going to tell me to go on-line and read the new issues but that's not enough for me. I want to feel the weight of the pages and pages of recipes and ingredients in my hand. I have no desire for a kindle, i prefer to actually accumulate and read actual bound books. Maybe i'm behind the times and old fashioned. The internet has it's place and i love it but it's not enough, i want my Gourmet waiting for me once a month in my actual, real life mailbox!

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