Saturday, April 7, 2012

Serving a purpose, or not

Sometimes i don't really know what this blog is about or what purpose it serves. Then i thought, well really who cares what purpose it serves! Why does it even have to have a purpose at all?  I have a tendency to get caught up and think that everything i do in my life is supposed to serve a purpose. Make dinner so your family isn't hungry, vacuum the floor so that the dust and dog hair don't take over my life, read, read and then read some more to my child because all the experts say it's important for brain development, wash my hair, wash my kids hair, his face and hands (repeatedly), wash the dishes, wash the floor (ok, i don't really do that) but seriously, the list could go on and on for pages. I'm sure that this is not new to any of you who are reading this but it does start to get over whelming when everything in your life is supposed to serve a purpose. Sometimes these things become so monotonous that you forget that they do serve a purpose and you just want to throw your hands up in the air after you cleaned up spilt milk for the fiftieth time and run in to the street screaming "where is my Nanny/housekeeper/dogtamer?!" Then you calm down and realize that you have none of these, your children are staring at you and whatever it is that's in the oven is now setting off the smoke alarms.
I just want to do things just to do things every once in a while. I want to wonder around in the gourmet grocery store aisles, contemplating that delicious dinner i would like to be having with just my husband, not racing through trying to grab everything frantically as my child takes his last bite of sucker and is on the verge of a meltdown. Sometimes i just want to wander, but even that seems to get sabotaged by Jude needing new shoes or needing a snack or just my brain forming the endless to do list in my head.
It's hard though, i know, to do whatever you want when you want, especially with small children. You get off  schedule and everyone's life becomes a living hell. Jude doesn't take his nap, watch out, even the dogs will suffer in that scenario. If you don't have children it's hard to contemplate this, i know i sure didn't understand before Jude came along. I found myself thinking, well shouldn't YOUR schedule be more important than your snotty nosed kid? HA! Now i have a snotty nosed kid (a cute one i might add) and i get it. Now i understand that you are at the mercy of your child. So good luck just doing things willy nilly. If you want to just flit about, don't have children. There you are i said that is how i will end. This is not a piece against having children but i suppose if you want to do things that don't serve a purpose, it's way easier without children. That said, kids are pretty good at playing and adults need that too. Because we all know that without play our kids will turn in to dysfunctional uncreative  adults who rely on their parents to make every decision for them and then end up in therapy. So there you have it...another activity with a purpose.

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