Thursday, November 21, 2013


Embrace. Embrace. Embrace. This word has been floating, hovering, an ominous prefix to many thoughts, swirling about my brain as of late.
Embrace the possibility that things can be different next time(if you don't know what i'm talking about read here), that this phase too shall pass. Embrace the fact that my life will not always look like it does now, for better or for worse, none of us can predict the future. As much as I want to know the answer that things will be alright, I know I'll never get it. You can tell me a million times that it will but in the back of my mind all I will say to you is you don't know that, no one does. You can tell me that the odds are slim that how can something like this happen twice. Life is uncertain, life is messy and definitely never ever perfect. All I can say to myself is embrace, embrace, embrace and trust that things will be as they're going to be and be ok that I can do nothing more.

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