Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My favorite accessory

Think about when you were a kid, what were some of your favorite things? You probably had special jewelery (umm, snap bracelets!), special outfits that you wore over and over, and crazy cool shoes that you couldn't wait to show off to people at school.
I had all these things, including this wig, that i wore for the first time when i was a rock star for Halloween in second grade. My outfit consisted of rock star tights (i believe they were purple), black cowboy boots (i got them at Wal-mart and proceeded to wear them everywhere after the fact), a short tight pleather skirt and i believe that my top was also pleather (so cool!). Of course i had the gloves with the fingers cut out and the sunglasses. The sunglasses that i wore then are actually considered cool again thanks to a now famous designer. Who knew i was such a style icon??!
Of course things have changed, my dreams are not to become a rock star (well ok, yes they are!), i don't wear pleather skirts (most of the time) and my dog now wears the wig i was so fond of. Well, maybe sometimes i secretly wear it around the house...shhhhhhh....
It's funny how things from your childhood appear and manage to keep hanging on despite moves, marriage and dogs. Maybe today you can find something in your house that takes you back and makes you laugh, a little or a lot!

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