Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four weeks

I thought that i should update you on motherhood thus far.....

.....have not slept for longer than 3 hours at a time

.....more laundry has been done in the last month than at any other point in my life..ever

...a life sustaining substance is continually either being sucked from me, drip drip dripping all over my newly washed shirt and pants or spraying across the room and hitting the dog in the ear

....pee has sprayed from a small boy's parts from the changing table across the room and in my shoe, a good 5 feet away

....i bought a flip cam (hooray!) to document my son's critical life moments or just me being ridiculous on a day to day basis (what else?!)

...i am now well aware of all the latest gossip and Hollywood happenings (thank you Wendy Williams!)

....i wouldn't trade my life right now for anything...wait did someone say seaside pool?? Done!

no no...just kidding..maybe..

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