Monday, November 30, 2009

A new diet fad

This post may infuriate most but i'm hoping that it may inspire a few also. So i have lost all the weight that i gained during pregnancy...and then some. Granted, i only gained maybe the minimum amount but still people i have lost it all!!! I guess when your diet consists of mint m&m's and a little caffeine, the pounds just melt off! I suppose it could be that small growing person i gave birth to who gets all of his calories from me could have something to do with. Oh and i'm eating some normal food once in a while too.
I have a devised a weight loss formula for you:
M&M's + coffee + carrying small child around because they won't sleep in their bassinet + milking - lounging around doing nothing + forgetting when the last time you ate = every man's dream - the fact that you just HAD A BABY = that image staying in his dreams.
Let me know how it works out! It will be sweeping the nation soon i'm sure. You can thank me later.

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