Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A bit of fiction

She wanted to live her life as if everyday could be her last. She wanted to take risks, love with out abandon and have many more children. She wanted to live differently, maybe by the sea or perhaps on the edge of a great mountain cliff. Then other times she found the everyday conveniences of the city, such as coffee around the corner or a quick movie with a friend, to be comforting. If she decided that that day she desired a vanilla cone dipped in cherry, it was there, just up the road. Really, she could give in to any craving or longing she had whenever she felt like it.
There were times though, when she felt great despair. Getting her son ready for school everyday, cooking and cleaning while her husband worked long hours were beginning to take their toll. Some days she could barely will herself to get out of bed. Changing a diaper felt like she had walked ten miles and getting dressed seemed like an all together pointless activity. She couldn't figure out why doing the dishes one day was a simple task, one that took little effort whereas, other days the simple act of opening her eyes felt like a weight that she was unprepared to lift. For many years these moods would plague her existence, until one day. The mail came as usual that day. Catalogs, bills, coupons to the local pizza place and then a letter, addressed to her. She looked for a return address, but nothing gave any clues as to who it was from. Inside it read All along I knew it was you, it's always been you. I'm ready if you are... be continued

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