Monday, June 17, 2013

Best. Cookie. Ever.

I am on a perpetual quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Every new recipe I try I tell myself "this is the one!" And then, while tasty, it is never exactly what i'm looking for. I like a cookie that is a little crunchy on the outside, while still thick and chewy on the inside, with lots of gooey chocolate. I'm not really one for the flat crunchy overly buttery ones.
These though, these are perfect! Even without the melty Nutella on the inside, they are good. The Nutella just makes them that much better and amazing. Browning the butter is a bit of an extra step, but well worth it. Also, the yogurt is a bit of an odd addition but it seems to create the perfect finished product that will definitely keep me coming back to this recipe again and again.
Just as a side note, I used about a half bag of regular semi-sweet chocolate chips and then threw in the remainder using mini semi-sweet chips. This was plenty of chocolate. Also I used greek yogurt that was from the top of a fruit on the bottom container, it didn't seem to affect the flavor. Next time I will use the plain greek yogurt. Oh and I also just used light brown sugar.

Here is the recipe via Ambitious Kitchen!
Happy baking!

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