Thursday, July 4, 2013

A new neighborhood joint

The other night I had the good fortune of being able to check out the Broder's T3RZO vino bar. This is the newest edition to the Broder's restaurant family in Minneapolis. I met a friend there and lucky for me I arrived just early enough to be kindly offered a few samples of some new local brews. Delicious! One was actually fermented with crazy is that?! Anyway, great beer for summer or maybe in the winter when all you can do is think about summer.
This place has a great wine list and all their wine that they serve by glass and carafe is kept in an oxygen free temperature controlled cabinet. The wine is poured through what can only be described as a high class soda dispenser. It is very cool, I would recommend checking it out.
The wine bar is only a month old so I can imagine they are still working out a few bugs. The only complaint I had was my truffle and mushroom bruschetta was very under seasoned...minor but enough that I noticed. The wine, beer list and atmosphere are all amazing and i'm hoping that the food will be up to the same standard the next time I moped myself over there.

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