Monday, July 8, 2013

It's never just one thing

My son is a demanding child. Demanding of my time, my energy, my love and my attention, all day everyday, except when he is in school. He is also sweet, polite (mostly), enthusiastic and a very loving little boy. When I have had a particularly rough day with him it would be so great to just have a reason as to why (why?!), aside from the "he's three" excuse. But, like most things in life, no one thing is usually the culprit. Yes, he probably has not had enough sleep or he drank too many juice boxes or his environment hasn't been as consistent as usual. There are a million things that could be contributing to his moods...including my moods. That is why I like this essay so much....there never is just one thing, or an easy fix. We are a complex species, that is what makes us unique! It's ok to have days when you are sad, or anxious, or upset, and I'm trying to be more understanding that it is ok, especially for a three year old, to cycle through these emotions on a sometimes hourly basis. I'm not downplaying the possibility that there could be an underlying condition that may need a diagnosis, for him, or for anyone. Sometimes, though, things are the way they are and we will never know why other than that is the way they just happen to be.

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