Saturday, August 15, 2009

An ode to the past

It's funny how photographs can take you back to certain periods in your life that you will always remember fondly and also that you can't believe were so long ago and that inevitably makes you feel old..ha.
Regardless of the old part, good times were definitely had and enjoyed in full during my early 20's before i went through my "oh my god i'm getting older,i'm married so now what?" panic. I think i can safely say that i am through that crisis era. Maybe it comes with age, a lot of nights spent taking advantage of every possible drink special or the realization that your life is no longer just going to be about you. Whatever it is, i'm very happy my quarter life crisis has gotten bored with me and moved on to some other poor unsuspecting soul.... i'm sure my ever supportive husband would say the same.
As much as i look back with great nostalgia, i'm learning to appreciate where i am now because i know that life is never predictable. Besides, hindsight is always 20/20 right?

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  1. Oh god how scary! Reading that makes me realize how far I have come too! I don't think I'm quite past the panic stage. Well, I kind of am... I dunno. Once we move in to the house maybe I will relax a bit.

    Anyway those photos are great, they bring back all kinds of crazy memories! 40's on the 4th was a blast and how crazy were we to make a skirt out of lettuce and leeks??