Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok so they're not quite pickles yet (nor will they ever be in my house, unless they come from a jar with a brand name from the store). Since i'm not in to canning and pickling and all that...i have to draw the line somewhere....i am trying to figure out what to do with all these cucumbers from our garden. It does give me a small thrill when i eat one knowing that they grew from a seed that we planted (ok, seeds my husband planted) i will at least give him credit for the garden this year. I would like gardening better if you didn't have to weed, it weren't so hot and there weren't so many freaking bugs buzzing your ear off. Oh well, that's why you have children do all the hard labor you don't want to do. I know i did my fair share of back-breaking branch hauling and god awful lawn mowing when i was younger. All those damn pine trees, i got at least several bugs (and pine needles) up the nose while attempting to maneuver around the five million that were on our gigantic lot in the middle of nowhere. Ahh country life, not for me...i feel i'm somewhere between rustic elegance and city chic.

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