Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Help! I am having a hair crisis people! Ever since cutting my hair and not really getting a cut i love, i have felt very unsatisfied. I see photo's of all these celebrity hair styles and want to try them all!
Some days i want to cut my hair all off and have it crazy short but then other days i want my long flowing locks back. This photograph has been my inspiration as of late. I have turned in to a hair schizophrenic! Actually i have been very indecisive about quite a few things lately...i'll blame the weather. I'm being couped up indoors, being left alone with just my thoughts and a small child can sometimes be a very dangerous combination. Or is it being left alone with a bottle of tequila, some salt and limes that is the dangerous combo? Well if you go to the store and there is a shortage of limes, you'll know it's the latter.

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