Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The un-necessary evil

I have read lots of birth stories since Jude was born and even before he was born i had read my fair share. Most of them scared me to death but having now been through it, i can no longer sit and read them as an innocent reader. Still curious, yes but scared, no. I know every birth is different and i respect every woman and the way in which she chooses to bring life in to this world, but i do not appreciate how many stories make hospitals out to be these evil, white walled sterile spaces that do not wish to abide by your wishes. I, for one, had a great hospital experience. I really had no idea what to expect. I am really pleased (looking back) that i went in to labor so early, that i didn't sit around anticipating when the dreaded contractions would occur.
There are certain things called protocols that hospitals have to follow in order to ensure that everyone is getting the necessary treatment. The machines that they use, the medicines that they dose and the "white coats" that they wear are all standard and designed with a purpose in mind. From the moment i walked in to the labor and delivery area ready to be checked in, i had nothing but the best care. Professional, yet personable, knowledgeable yet down to earth, all the staff was on top of everything. Not once did i have a doubt in my mind about how i was being cared for. This little baby boy that was coming in to this world 4 weeks ahead of time was going to be in the best hands possible. Of course there is worry and anticipation but most of my worry was alleviated because of the care that i received. I just wish that more people would embrace the fine and intricate dance that is the hospital birth process. It's not all bad, especially because you end up with a very well cared for mother and baby.

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