Saturday, June 12, 2010

A clouded experiment

The other night the husband and I went out to celebrate our two year anniversary...yes, i have been legally committed to the same person for two years, you can now pick your jaws up off the floor.
Anyway, we got a babysitter that cost too much money so we could go have a few drinks and then be sandwiched in between sweaty people to listen to a band that while good, made my ears feel like they had been invaded by tiny people obsessively ringing bells over and over...and over. I have now entered adult hood. I am annoyed by loud music, strangers inadvertently touching me and invading my space and while i am supposed to be having fun i find myself wanting to be under my comforter getting cozy with my bed. Oh and for the better part of the night i was psychotically worried that the Jude baby was suffocating in his crib while the babysitter sat texting on her phone. Just for the record, our babysitter is very responsible and i was texting her, so maybe i'm contributing to the problem. Hooray for going out! Ok so i don't sound like a total downer, the husband and I had nice conversation over our beers but i think that i may have been a bit tipsy because we made a pact, or challenge or something to that effect. We decided that we are giving up meat for the remainder of June. Alcohol is a dangerous, dangerous drug people! Do not commit to any important life altering decisions while using. I love meat...i don't know what i was thinking!! I guess it's for only two weeks and it's not like we ate tons before so, hopefully i won't go too crazy. Although something happens in my brain the minute i tell myself i can't have something. I immediately want to rebel. I start thinking "what, no meat...forget that...i can eat whatever i want whenever i want. Now, who wants some double cheeseburgers?"
I do think Americans consume an overabundance of meat and most of it produced without regard to health or fairness to the animal. That being said, i am excited to take on this challenge, despite it's short length. Who knows, maybe it will be the beginning to something amazing!

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  1. Hahaha...I can see you having a freak-out where you binge on steak...but its only two weeks, so I think you can make it!