Sunday, June 20, 2010

A fly of a different fruit

About a month ago, i bought my husband a giant plastic bin that you are supposed to place in the yard and pile in dirt along with old food scraps. People like to call this a composter. I guess the idea being that instead of throwing your vegetable scraps, coffee grinds and egg shells in just the plain old garbage, taking up precious landfill space, you put them instead in this big enclosed hideous plastic structure and they gradually break down making delicious soil for your garden or yard or whatever. I'm not very clear on the details, i leave that to the person who gardens and that person is not me. I made a go at it once and let's just say that my planting style, ie. "just toss the seeds out the window and on to the soil, they should make their way in to the dirt eventually, same thing as planting just less, well, dirt on my hands." Not too fruitful but i gave an effort.
To go along with this large plastic rotting food bin, you have to buy a separate mini rotting food bin to keep in the kitchen to keep the food bits before you transfer it to the larger bin. Ok fine, might as well add it to the long as this stuff doesn't smell up my kitchen i will be fine with it. Oh nice, inserts that prevent the smell. But, alas, there is something worse than the smell of rotting vegetable peelings in your kitchen....FRUIT FLIES!!! Where is the anti-fruit fly insert?
These nasty red eyed, pin prick sized bugs have become the bane of my existence as of late. I poured a glass of wine the other day, left it sitting on the counter, went in the other room, came back and there were those big eyes floating lifelessly in my glass. Fruit fly infused wine is not my idea of delicious. It's like all of a sudden a banana goes slightly south of ripe and TA DA..a whole family of flies has taken up residence in my kitchen. Of course it doesn't take long for one fly to turn in to many. Inner family breeding seems to be accepted among this clan. Why, also are there only fruit flies, no vegetable flies or ho ho flies?? Clearly this is a health conscious bunch. Healthy or not, they are not invited for left-overs in my kitchen. I really want to do right by the environment, i recycle my cans, cardboard and plastic. It should just be natural to recycle food. Well, i am finding it to be a major annoyance when every time i go to open up the bin, a cloud of buggyness arises from the rotting contents inside..mmmm tasty. So until i figure out a method of preventing these flies from multiplying and dining on my scraps, my rotting food bucket will stay outside. This totally defeats the whole convenience of it all, but this is the best alternative i can think of.

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