Thursday, June 17, 2010

Own your meat

Mission: To eat meatless until the first of July. Forecast for the mission: Partly cloudy with a chance of meatballs or partly sunny with a chance of soy faux meatless balls. Wait, hold on! Abort, abort!!! Sizzling, juicy, meaty sausages with fried onions ahead! Alcohol has entered in to the equation...clouded judgment and irresistible smells attacking from all directions! We're going down, helllllllllppp!

So, what was that...four days? I'm sorry, i couldn't help myself. As much as i like vegetables, i need them served with a side of animal flesh. Surprisingly though, i don't feel guilty. I actually feel back to being balanced and isn't that what your life is supposed to be? Everything in moderation. Really, i blame the twins game.... chicken, beef and pork galore. You don't see people sitting around munching on carrot sticks and having green juice while watching sweaty guys in striped uniforms swing their big bats at tiny balls. Exactly, you see people drinking beer and eating processed meat products stuffed in a tube on a bun. Sorry, but my tube full of meat with sauerkraut on top tasted pretty spectacular. Say what you will..i have no willpower, easily influenced blah blah blah. Honestly i don't really care because this is my life and i prefer to have a good time with no restrictions.
Is there a lesson learned here? Yes, don't deny me my food pleasures unless you want to see a side of me that comes out full force when my options are limited. This is America after all. As Oprah would say "Own your life, own your choices." So that is what i choose to do...wait, was that Oprah, well if it wasn't..let me know.

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