Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The imposter

Today marks my 22nd week of pregnancy (hooray!) and i have felt pretty much like my normal self in the past few weeks. I feel it's well deserved after being stricken with the piggy flu and then the stomach virus that i thought was going to eat my insides and never allow me to digest a normal meal ever again. I do not take for granted feeling healthy, both mentally and physically. Every morning that i wake up, well alive..yes key point here, not wanting to shield myself from the world or feel like vomiting, i rejoice! Serioiusly, i am just really grateful for everything in my life right now. Enjoy this expression of emotion, it doesn't happen very often...
Since finding out a couple of weeks ago that we're having a boy, i now feel that it is legitimate for me to do some shopping. I mean, come on, the clothes are just so small and cute. Although part of me gets a little freaked that something that will fit in to this seemingly small outfit is going to be exiting from my soon to be not so private region. Regardless, i will continue to shop...maybe if i spend enough money the anxiety of being broke will outweigh the anxiety of birthing a child. Highly unlikely but worth a shot....
So the past couple times i have walked in to one of these speciality baby stores I am greeted warmly and then i get the following "are you looking for a gift?" Now, under normal circumstances this would be a legitimate question but when you are shopping for yourself because you are, ahh, pregnant, then it is slightly insulting. If you are pregnant then you are shopping most likely for, surprise, yourself! I don't know, maybe i should wear a more revealing shirt or one of those tacky shirts that has your child's due date on it. Actually i think one of those t's that says "exit here" with the arrow pointing to your crotch would be appropriate, especially when going to a shower thrown by your catholic inlaws. Now that i think about it, that would be hilarious....especially when i drive up in my pro-choice mobile.
I think next time someone asks me if i'm shopping for a gift i will say no and proceed to lift up my shirt. Ha, who's shopping for a gift now insensitive sales lady!

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  1. It would help if you were not defying all laws of mother nature and somehow maintaining a nearly normal stomach STILL. Seriously, when I ate that scone this morning I think it toppled me over into appearing more pregant than you.