Saturday, July 11, 2009

My attempts...... thwarted... yet again

A brilliant idea came to me a month or so ago that this summer would be a great time to take a class at the University. My reasoning being that if i wanted to go back to school sometime after birthing my husbands kin, that now would be as good as any to get a head start. As it turns out, NEVER is a good time for me to go back to school. The above photo shows what happens after taking organic chemistry five, yes i said FIVE times. The remains are torched, never to be seen again. That was one stubborn book, kinda like the old selfish man with no soul who failed me on three separate occasions, i should have put him in there. I'm not sure but being burned alive is probably about equal to having to study organic chemistry equations, at least a close second on the pain scale. Although sitting in jail for manslaughter is not my idea of a fun vacation so i think i made the better choice, burn the book, not the professor.
So anyway, here i am taking this class and it is not going well. There is nothing preventing me from doing well, except myself. I am supposed to be doing my assignment now, due at 3:30 and here i am writing this! It's like my brain malfunctions and revolts as soon as i specifically sit down to study, it has some issues prior to the sitting down but i figure if i can at least get myself seated then half the work is done.
So this morning i went to Dunn Bros at 7...yes 7am on a Saturday just so i would have no distractions. HA, my brain is a distraction in and of itself. I got my mocha (yes it was caffeinated), my rice krispie bar and took a seat. My first thought was, well i need to have something in my stomach so i will eat first. So i caffeinated myself and munched away on the rice krispie bar that was the size of my head, and read the paper. Ok so not studying yet, i'll at least get my book out of my bag and read through the assignment. Suddenly i have an insane desire to check out the menu of this restaurant i've been wanting to go to...hmmmm maybe we should go there soon, looks good, BBQ chicken flat bread pizza! Ok back to reading the assignment, wait i should open the book to the appropriate chapter, yes nice work. Now the book is open and the assignment has been read and.....nothing...i see a couple and their child walking on the sidewalk out the window, that will be me soon! Why don't we live in this neighborhood with all these nice people walking their children to the co-op? Ahh see this is not working, who's idea was it to take this stupid class?? I continued to sit there in and realize that i am shaking the whole bench that i am sitting on from my fidgeting, i'm surprised people aren't falling to the floor left and right of me, they must be too polite to say anything because even i am annoyed with me. Well, clearly this isn't working. I pack up my things quickly, trying to create the illusion that i have somewhere to be immediately, otherwise why would i be leaving so soon after i got long has it been...ok about an hour, not too horrible i suppose. Alright so finally i arrive home again, 9 am, plenty of time to do the assignment. Ok time for a nap! Obviously i have earned it due to my great accomplishments of rice krispie eating and mocha drinking. Well, i can only go up from here...

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