Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And then there was pain

After getting all excited last week about the prospect of me joining the same gym as my best friend since fifth grade, i got the three day pass, just to tide me over until we joined for real.
The three day pass is ridiculous if you ask me. If you are getting the three day pass then you probably haven't worked out in a while, so after your first go at actually working out, your body will feel like it is separating itself in several different directions. So really, who actually can go all three days??? WHO i ask you, WHO?????!
Well, I went one of the days and it happened to be to the infamous BODYPUMP class on Saturday. Of course most of the weights that i needed had already been snatched up by evil spandex wearing exercise fiends. Damn you women in tight spandex, give me my 2.5 lb weight! Soooo, i had to do tricep extensions with weights that were just a tad on the heavy side. At the time i was like "pff, i can do this, these aren't THAT heavy" HA, WRONG! Up until this morning i thought something was seriously wrong with my left tricep. I started envisioning months of physical therapy and the prospect that i might never be able to tuck my hair behind my left ear ever again. Ok so that panic lasted all of about five minutes, i'm starting to feel better and thinking about torturing myself all over again this weekend..hooray! Immense pain, here i come! Oh and watch out spandex clad bitches, this time i'm getting my weights!

1 comment:

  1. Ahh ha ha ha. This actually makes me feel BETTER. Because when I looked over at you confidently hoisting that weight above your shoulders, I felt pretty pathetic.

    Yes ready again for more fun!