Friday, January 8, 2010

Better than New Year's Eve

When you're a new parent all the days and nights blend together. Monday could be Friday and Saturday night could be Tuesday morning, really they all feel the same. Actually i take that back, weekends are WORSE because there is no good tv on. At least i don't think Wendy Williams is on, hmmm maybe i'll have to check in to that.
But, as of late, Jude has been sleeping seven, eight and even nine (NINE!) hours at a time. The other night he woke up at 5 in the morning, after nine (NINE!) hours and i wanted to call everyone i knew. But instead i threw myself a silent party. I did, after all, want him to fall back asleep. So i brushed the confetti out of his hair and wiped the champagne off his chin and put him back in his crib. Then guess what he did??? Slept another three whole hours...amazing!!! With this much time i could take over the world, well at least take a shower. Getting this much sleep is so overwhelming awesome. I really don't know how the rest of the world sleeps this much without wanting to throw a party every morning after waking up. So if you want to know what i'm doing in the morning hours, i'm toasting myself and the baby for being cooperative and giving me back my sanity.

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  1. I'm not above throwing a sleep appreciation party. Any excuse to celebrate.

    Jude SOOO has your mouth. Now I kind of know what you would look like if you were chubby and bald. Apparently, you'd be adorable!