Friday, January 29, 2010

New hair (same baby)

The other night i finally decided to do it...get my hair cut, that is. I had been thinking about it on and off for the last month or so and because i have an extreme paranoia of the stylist butchering my hair, i waited way too long. I finally got to the point that anything would look better that what was currently going on with the scariness that i was pulling back in to a ponytail everyday.
So, i called up my go to salon and of course my usual stylist had gone somewhere else. Go figure, i find someone good and then she leaves me. Since i was in desperate mode at that point, i went with who the girl on the phone recommended. Note to not get so desperate that you will let anyone with scissors who claims to be a "stylist" within 50 ft of your hair. You probably will regret it..just saying.
Anyway, i get to the salon and meet my "stylist"...a slightly peppy looking highlighted, wide eyed 30 something ..hmmm ok...whatever. I give her very specific instructions as to how i want my hair cut. Usually i let the sylist dictate because i really have no idea what would look good but this time i was very pleased with myself for knowing exactly what i wanted. I told her and angled bob, shorter in the back with a very definite angle toward the front. So she was cutting away and everything seemed to be going fine and then she started to blow dry my hair. Hmmm, seems a little soon...she'd only been cutting for like 10 mins. She reassured me she would be "touching things up" after my hair was dry.
And then before i knew what had happened she was like "ok, how does that look?" Wait, what??? Where is the angle? Does the back look shorter, um not quite..looks the same as the front. Apparently her definition of an "angle" is different than mine, because this was more like a slight slant. I guess i should have brought my protractor and given her a specific angle measurement, maybe 47.5 degree angle would have been clearer.
After wrinkling my nose and staring at the mirror for a second i informed her that i needed more of an angle, oh and shorter in the BACK! Like i had said before. I thought that we were clear on that....well after more cutting away i guess we weren't. FINALLY, after the fourth redo i was looking alright. I knew if i kept asking her to fix it i would end up with no hair so i decided to cut my losses and just figured it would grow out and then i could have it fixed.
As you can see by the picture, Jude is not too happy by my change in hair. I think he's over it now though. He probably figured best not to protest the person who gives him nourishment

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