Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yes, it's just like high school

On and off for oh, the last 10 years of my life, i have belonged to a gym. I used to be obsessed with the idea of going to the gym and working out when i was too young for them to legally allow me to operate the weight machines. One of my friends in second grade belonged to an athletic club with her parents and we used to go there to use the pool. I remember on our way in, i would stare longingly at the weight lifting machines, anticipating the time that i too could do leg presses with all the other spandex clad workout fiends. You had to be 13, so clearly i was a deranged 8 year old, longing to workout. Yeah, i was a freak child, ok!?? Fast forward a few years to high school when i finally got my wish and joined the local gym in town. It was basically a large warehouse space that now had a basketball court, a few weights and a couple of treadmills and precor machines. Ha, yes i know, but in the 90's those were all the rage. After all, i lived in a town that consisted of three kwik trips and a subway, enough said. Zanarchy and I would go there during our free hours, which we had a lot of, learning wasn't high on our priority list back then, working out was. Some of our other concerns were what we ate that day, our wardrobe choices and who we made out with the night before. At one point i actually dated a guy who gave me a gym membership for the cool gym in another city.I then proceeded to break up with him the day after he presented this grand gift to me, so trying not to be such a bitch, i paid him back. I couldn't have waited just a few more days.....actually i couldn't this guy was way too much. He actually bought a car so he could drive me around, oh and he brought me flowers EVERY SINGLE time he saw was a bit excessive. This guy also pierced his ear for me and when we would go out we would order booze, because he looked OLD!! I think he was 18 at the time but apparently he passed for 21, so whatever, good for me, i got to drink margaritas with real tequila!
Anyway, back to the gym obsession....
Moving on to college. I worked out quite a bit, since the gym was included in tuition, somehow i still managed to gain the freshman 15. Funny how that works..i hate to think what it would have been like if i didn't go to the gym, freshman 30...eek!
Towards the end of college i met my husband and we joined a gym together.
Ok, now let me start out saying that he is a very disciplined person. Everything he says he is going to do, he does and that includes going to the gym. Yeah, i know, seriously right?! I on the other hand, not unlike a lot of people, can be helter skleter. I get excited, really excited about something and run head on in to it and then something happens, the excitement wares off. THen i'm done, just done.
So this last year i went to the gym maybe 10 times. I was pregnant so i figure that gives me some leeway. Who wants to face the treadmill when there's a pretty good possibility that the cheerios you ate for breakfast could re-emerge at any moment. Yeah, nobody needs to see that. Recently though I told my husband..."Cancel my membership...i can workout with the baby." Ummm, well not exactly. Yes i tote the baby around but i think i need some variety. So conveniently, Zanarchy belongs to the same gym we are thinking of joining. Yes my poor husband, but really he still gets to workout and i gain a workout partner. Let's face it, men aren't the best workout partners. They put on their headphones and are intensely focused for the duration of their workout. Personally i like to chit chat while getting my heart rate up, well that and bitch about the unbelievable thing my husband said to me the other night. So you can clearly see that i need female companionship while at the gym.
Together i think women can rule the world, or in my case encourage and motivate you to attend the gym regularly.

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  1. You also were gifted a video camera by ANOTHER boyfriend. All I ever got was late night taco bell. Which, my boyfriend also got YOU!

    Also...BRAD! Ahhh..forgot. Remember how he cornered me in my home to talk through your break-up? I guess that made up for all the times I made my sister dump people for me.

    Cheers to working out together!