Monday, January 25, 2010

What i now, know for sure

Sorry Oprah, i don't want to steal your thunder but i now know for sure that i have found the most perfect dessert. This is what i want to take with me on long journeys, i would save this in the event of a fire and this is also what i want to curl up next to when i go to bed at night (sorry husband o'mine)but you better make room for the smoothness and creaminess that is this pudding. I think right in between our pillows will be perfect.
My quest for pudding deliciousness started late last week. "I am going to make a delicious pudding" i said, so that is what i set out to do. So i gathered my ingredients, eggs, sugar, chocolate, cream and vanilla. I followed the recipe and i made sure that the little puddings were tucked snugly in their water bath. Something happened, in the end, the little puddings got too hot and so i ended up with coagulated chocolate eggness. They tasted alright but were downright unpleasant to look at. At this point i was annoyed with the water bath method, too much work so i made my second attempt and went sans egg yolks and tried the traditional cornstarch recipe. Oh and this time i was going to attempt butterscotch. Well, this recipe didn't even make it to pudding form. The liquid didn't even touch the cute little ramekins who were eagerly waiting to hold tight their soon to be pudding heaven. No, this recipe failed from the beginning. The hot sugar liquid, scorching the innocent fat globules of the cream, made the whole recipe doomed from the start. Eh, another failure. I will not let the pudding win, i must conquer what is supposed to be a simple little down home dessert. Finally, finally....i have won! The puddings i made today (water bath..oh yes!) were small pots of delightfully sinful chocolate creaminess. I took one bite and i knew that these were well worth the wait. I finished my little ramekin, i obsessed to myself about how good that was and then i had another one. I even left the whipped cream off the second, just so i could savor the pure flavor and texture that this pudding proudly became. I mentioned to the hubby that these are the best ever! He proceeded to tell me that he was waiting until he was hungry to have one. WHAT???? EXCUSE ME??! When there is dessert present that makes your eye balls roll back in your head, YOU EAT IT! No questions asked. Also, i would like to know who is ever actually hungry for dessert in the first place? You don't eat dessert because you're hungry, you eat it because it is delicious and it's there waiting for you to indulge. Anyway, there really are no words to describe the party that was in my mouth tonight..well other than the one's that i have already typed here, so i guess what i mean to say is that there are no other words. Besides, i can't be bothered to type more, i must go to bed and dream about the other pudding that will be waiting for me when i wake up. Oh and most likely the husband's also....don't expect me to wait around until your stomach starts rumbling. Not for this dessert, no siree!


  1. Don't worry. I will always be there to eat desserts with no prompting.

  2. I defend my position to wait until the time is right to maximize a dessert! Just like you can not rush a recipe, you shouldn't rush your mouth buds when they're not ready...HA!