Saturday, January 23, 2010

A term of endearment?

Last week i was asked to fill out a form before i had a massage. When i got to the Employment section i had to stop and think...hmmm what to put? Actually i was really thinking about how this question would affect my massage. Do doctors and lawyers get treated differently than bartenders or exotic dancers..maybe i should try this experiment. Why yes, i work the pole for a living, and you? Yeah, that's right, i got special massage, if you know what i mean. Anyway, i quickly ran through the choices in my head, N/A, Stay at home mom, housewife...definitely i decided on LOL. Apparently i couldn't just leave it blank, the logical decision.
LOL does not mean Laugh Out Loud, although i would have laughed out loud if i would have read my form. LOL stands for Lady of Leisure. I had thought of this term for myself while i was pregnant because clearly i didn't have enough other things to think about while carrying a human being inside of me. Actually it was at about my 30 week OB/GYN appointment when my doctor asked me if i was working. I said no and she proceeded to tell me i was a lady of doctor is awesome! She clearly understands my line of thinking..and being. Granted i don't lay around all day by the pool eating truffles, my life is pretty good. Yes taking care of a small demanding child is at times constant and tireless, i shouldn't go as far as call it a job. Sitting in a cubicle, answering email all day, while pretending to be engaged is a job. Uh, i would gladly wipe up half digested milk that has been regurgitated in to my hair than do a cost/benefits analysis of some over priced wonder drug any day. Excel is the devil and i refuse to believe, that even if i learned how to properly and efficiently use it, that i would like it. So i will keep my title as lady of leisure. I will wear it proudly, even though my life is not that leisurely, someday again it will be. Until then, i will enjoy the chaos and the unexpected spit up that it brings.

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